...für Jedermann und doch außergewöhnlich...


Sarolf Weltenschmerz -Vocals
Areas - Guitar and backing vocals
Augengespött - Guitar
Fimbul- Bass
Jörmungandr- Drums​
Eventyr-  (only neofolk songs) Instrumentation




Found on a cold winter night in 2009, Waldschrat released their first EP “Der alte Pfad”. Due to some now unrelated other projects, Sarolf decided to put the band to rest in 2010. In 2012, released from his chains, the voice of the forest once again sounded in all its might. With concerts all over Europe, Sarolf and the band earned themselves an excellent reputation.

In 2013, the debut Album “Nostalgie.Resonanz” was released and was nationally and internationally praised. The album was followed by once again international concerts

2015 Waldschrat was part of the split release "The Beginning of the End" with Krigere Wolf,Notre Amertume and Antiquus Scriptum

After some line-up changes, the band is stronger than ever, and carry their battle-cry “stand up and fight for your freedom!” all over Europe.