...für Jedermann und doch außergewöhnlich...


M.  - Guitar, Chorals
A. - Guitar, Bass, Chorals
I.D.  - Drums




Ctulu were formed in late Winter 2004 in Delmenhorst (Northern Germany). Soon, the first demo “Zins der Zeit” was self-recorded and self-released in 2005.

2006 The second demo “Freie Geister” was recorded while first concerts took place in Germany.

2007 The “Freie Geister” demo was released during the first show abroad in Greece. It sold out very fast.

2008 The first full length album, again entitled “Freie Geister”, was released in May. Ctulu started to intensify live activites.

2009 More shows abroad followed. Ctulu played in Austria and Denmark.

2010 More shows followed. Ctulu played in the Netherlands with Inquisition and Melechesh.

2011 The second album “Sarkomand” was released at Ragnarök Festival in Germany. The pre-release took place in France, alongside Alcest (FR) and Dornenreich (A). From September on, Ctulu were already working on a new album again.

2012 As recording proceeded, Ctulu played live shows in the Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece and London (UK).

2013 In 2013, Ctulu released their third full-length opus "Seelenspiegelsplitter". Furthermore, Ctulu played shows in the Czech Republic, in Ireland and Cyprus supporting Rotting Christ.

2014 The re-release of "Sarkomand" is the band's first vinyl version of an album and marks Ctulu's 10th anniversary after several shows in Austria, Great Britain and Germany.

2015 Ctulu played a tour with the french ''Necrowretch'' through the Balkan states and two festival shows in Russia.

2016 The band signed with MDD Records and released their untitled fourth full length album. Furthermore, Ctulu played a tour with the German cult band ''Nocte Obducta'' and several club/festival shows in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. The re-release of the back catalogue on tape is the first cooperation between Ctulu and Static Tension.

2017 Ctulu hit Russia and Austria again. The EP „Cultus in Tenebris“ will be released through Static Tension on October 6 th.